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God has Blessed America

February 13, 2008

I want to be careful here, but I have to say that sometimes I become so fed up with our, Americans, egocentric attitudes that are so Self-rightous. I can often forget that other people in the world exist. That is not entirely true, because we can often hear political leaders referring to the “evil” people that they promise to save us from, and of course they live somewhere other than America.  I have often seen the bumper sticker “God Bless America”, and it seemed appropriate immediately following September 11th, but anymore I am turned off by the phrase. I had a friend show me a t-shirt that he recently purchased that makes my heart warm. The shirt says… well take a look for yourself.

This idea makes me think that there are people in this world that get it.

Let me clarify somethings. I love America, I live here, I plan on raising a family here, I love the people here. BUT, the thought that we become so consumed with our own needs, our own agendas, our own problems that we so easily forget about others. What about the thought of God Blessing Darfur? This is going to be our nastiest mark that this generatoin leaves on the world. We have allowed an ethnic cleansing to go down in our time.

What about “God Bless Uganda?”, or “God Bless Iraq?” I have yet to see those bumper stickers. I love the idea though, so if anyone makes a bumper sticker with any of those then let me know I will buy one for sure.

Also, what kind of blessing are we asking for? I immedialty think that we are asking for prosperity, or security, or power. I know that not all people think of those things, but it seems that in the scope of that saying these are some of the things that we are speaking of. Funny that we should ask for those things, since we are the richest country in the world, the most powerful, and the strongest.

I can agree with some ideas though. God will you bless our families? We need a ressurgence of the idea of family in this country. We need help with materialism, so maybe we can be blessed with the ability to not need things. Bless us in wisdom so we can see how dead we truly are spiritually.

Maybe I am crazy, and maybe this post will upset some people, but I can’t help but feel this way. We don’t need more money, we don’t need bigger houses, we don’t need faster cars. We need help spirituallly, we need God.

So let us pray that God blesses EVERYONE.

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  1. dksnyder permalink
    February 14, 2008 1:16 am

    Well well well, what have we here? My boy J.B. makes the switch for comments sake? SWEET. Good to see ya joining the WP Gang. Hubbba Haaaa BLAAHHHHHHH, HUH!


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