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A valuable lesson

February 15, 2008

Last night was a great night and at the same time I had a really hard night. The day started out beautifully. I went to Mountain View High School with Invisible Children to do a screening. It was cool seeing how things work and how the students respond. I saw students coming up and asking what they could do to join in on the movement. My favorite was when 2 girls asked if I thought it was a good idea if they rode horses down the streets of Mesa and asked people to donate to Invisible Children. I thought it was brilliant.

Then last night I went to the movies with the IC crew, who I now call good friends. The problems/blessings began when one of my old students came up to one of us and asked if she could bum a cigarette.  I jumped in and began talking to her, and she is in a really tough spot in life (drugs, alcohol, and bad friends). This dialogue lasted for quite awhile, but I soon began to see that this young lady’s life has crumbled right in front of her. She is living a life that is almost completely void of love and hope. This is heartbreaking to see someone that you care for in this state of hopelessness. I stayed with this young lady for quite awhile trying to figure out a plan for her, trying to help her find a place to go. My friend Dan (IC crew) and I prayed with her, and Dan gave her his jacket because she was shivering cold. She literally had nowhere to go. I could see in her eyes that she was absolutely caught off guard by the love that she was receiving, she didn’t understand it and didn’t know how to accept it.

Right after this incident, we went into the movies and met my new friend Ethan (read below for the story).

This is when it dawned on me. I was seeing the Kingdom of God with fresh eyes. I saw hope and love brought to people who were deeply hurting. Things started to make sense. I felt a powerful sense of God’s presence. I felt Aslan was on the move!! The thing is that I think that when we begin to see the Kingdom of God we begin to hurt for what God hurts for. My eyes were not only open to the Kingdom, but my eyes began to see things that I believe break God’s heart. So I actually began to feel the weight of peoples anguish and pain. The thought of a movie ticket guy being lonely all of the sudden felt like a ton of bricks pressing down on me.

My heart is heavy today, but I think that a part of seeing the Kingdom in the ways that I did requires us to be broken and see that we need God. I hope that I can continue to be able to approach the world in this way. People need hope, and God is going to use His people to bring hope to the hopeless, food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, medicine to the sick, and joy to joyless.

May God touch your heart and give you eyes to see the hurt that is all around us. I pray that anyone that reads this would feel moved to bring a smile to someone today.

Thank you Dan for helping me to see the Kingdom of God.

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