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I hate Valentines Day!

February 15, 2008

So I know that I already posted something on V-day, but my mind changed even more after I met Ethan. Last night I went to the movies with some friends, Step Up 2 ( I dance just like them). On our way in we met a guy named Ethan, Ethan was taking the movie stubs and directing us which way our theater was. I asked Ethan a simple questoin, “How is your night going?” Ethan response was so authentic and honest. Ethan said “I’m having a rough day, I don’t have a Valentine again this year. I really wish I had one.” This young man, he must have been in his 20’s, was truly hurting because he didn’t have a Valentine. He even commented that the night wasn’t over and that maybe something special would happen before midnight. (It was already 7:30pm) My friend Dan and I tried to cheer him up with some encouraging words, but deep down Ethan believed that he was supposed to have a Valentine.

I hate this holiday because I saw the true ugly side of what lonliness must be like. My post below might be alot of smoke, but I truly believe that I have a good reason to loathe V-day.  I wish that I could have done something to bring joy into Ethans life last night. errrrrr… I shake my fist to the man!

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