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March Madness

March 21, 2008

Madness would be the correct term to describe what happened to the Sun Devils. Seriously, what is going on? U of Stink got in on their name alone, and a little because of their tough schedule. But we beat them twice and had 2 fewer losses. I see that as a load of dookie, but now the Devils just have to go into the NIT and clean house.

As for the real tournament, I pick MEMPHIS. I know that it’s not a very popular pick, at least not in the pools that I am in. I am taking the Tigers all the way, with UCLA, Kansas, and Louiseville rounding out my Final Four. Duke got quite a scare last night, it makes me nervous about picking them to make it to the elite eight. I have Louiseville as my sleeper pick for the final four, but that makes me nervous too, because Hansbourgho might be a handful in the Elite 8.                                                                                  umem-logo.jpg                            

I was glad to see the Wildcats lose (U of A), it solidified the fact that ASU should have been in and them out. I also like my pick of Kansas State, I have them going to the Sweet 16, so I need one more upset from them.

 Who are you picking? What does your Final Four look like, and what are your upsets?

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  1. March 23, 2008 2:34 am

    I am picking Texas A & M because my cousin Mark Turgeon is the coach. Also because I do not know anything about College basketball.

    In other sports news, I love watching hockey. That is a real man’s sport! Go FLAMES!

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