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This is getting old…

April 3, 2008

So last night I got a call from a buddy of mine to play softball. I figured that I have been feeling alot better, the back is doing good so why not? In case you are unaware, I recently through out my back and was laid out for 5 days, and was in bad shape for about 2 1/2 weeks. That injury came after my hamstring had healed from a slight pull.

So last night I make it through the first game ok, and I was pitching. Then in my first at bat of the second game I tell myself ” Just hit the ball hard, I don’t care where just rip it”, but instead of that, I rip my side ab muscle. That’s right, I strained/sprained my muscle that is on my side. I once again found myself in bed this morning struggling to find a way to my feet. After finally making it out of bed I have found myself struggling to feel comfortable today.

Why? Why is my body giving up on me. I am an extremely active person. I play basketball twice a week, and softball once, and I was (before all the injuries) riding my back to and from work. This morning I began to feel very discouraged. It is tough not being able to do the things you love, let alone get out of bed. I am searching for the lesson to be learned here, but it is tough.

Gettin old sucks.

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