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what the olympics represent

August 11, 2008

Are you watching the Olympics? I thought about doing the whole boycott thing. I know many people are not watching because of the Chines and their human rights offenses. While I agree that the way the Chinese use their power is repulsive, I am not sure that boycotting the Olympics is the answer. After all, aren’t the Olympics kind of an international sign of unity and cohesion? So if you are one that has decided to boycott then more power to you. I on

 the other hand have decided to enjoy the ultimate display of competition and sportsmanship. 


I can honestly say that I have already enjoyed the 2008 Olympics so much. Watching Phelps take gold in the 400 IM, the Men’s “redeem” team take to the court, and who could forget the women’s saber fencing. OK, maybe not so much on the fencing, but it was all good none-the-less.  I am looking forward to more volleyball and cycling, and more basketball. 

There are not very many events that get the attention on the world stage as the Olympics (if any). There is something that is magical about 2 women from Russia and Georgia hugging after their pistol shooting. Seeing how the 2 countries have very recently began a “conflict”, it may only be the Olympics that causes 2 athletes to come together. That is what he Olympics are all about.

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