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September 29, 2008

This Saturday marks the beginning of anther seminary class.  As long as I can get the $250 late fee waived I will be a student again. I am taking a class on the Pentateuch. Here is why I am excited for this class:

– I am not very familiar with the make-up of the Pentateuch

– I am open to learning about the first 5 books of the Bible with a fresh outlook

– I have a feeling I will learn new things that will blow off my old ideas

– did Moses right all of the first 5 books?

– How does it relate to me right now?


Fuller is a great school that encourages thinking in a new and fresh way. They are not a school that says “this is how it is, believe it, don’t question it”

I am going to be smart.

What are your thoughts on the Pentateuch? What would you like to learn?

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