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Movie Review

November 6, 2008

Today marks my very first movie review. A good friend of mine, Joel, has inspired and encouraged this blog. Joel is a real movie connoisseur, and so I want to be like him.  


Chocolat (2000)

This movie takes place in a small French village in the year 1959. The very first scene paints a very clear picture of a town that is very much attached to tradition, comfort, and structure. The Comte (Alfred Molina) of the town takes the responsibility of keeping everything and everyone in order. The people pile in the village church and sit through a stagnant Mass, when suddenly the wind blows the doors 

wide open, the Comte (a Count or like a Mayor) makes sure to shut the doors and not allow the “wind” to enter the church. The illustration is brilliant, because you see the wind really could be represented as the Holy Spirit, and the Comte is not willing to allow the Spirit to come in and awaken or disrupt the routine of the safe daily lives of the village people. 

The wind really brings with it a brilliant woman and her child. Vianne (Juliette Binoche) mov

es into town with her daughter and has plans to set up a chocolate shop. She is met with some resistance when she attempts to open the shop during the time of Lent. The Comte is furious at her persistence and attempts to tarnish her reputation by hanging out her “dirty laundry.” Vianne refuses to give in to the Comtes attempts at shutting down her shop. Vianne begins to build relationships with the townspeople and she begins to see the hurt and anguish that hold them captive due to the unspoken norms of the village. 

In this film you will see the beauty of grace and hope. Vianne acts as a healer of sorts in that she brings healing to a woman that gets beat by her husband, she reconciles a relationship with a child and his grandmother, she brings hope to an old man and his “crush”, and she even brings intimacy back to a lifeless marriage. She uses her shop to bring people in, she claims to always know what kind of chocolate every person loves, and then gives it out as a gift. 

I highly recommend this film. It paints a beautiful picture of what hope, forgiveness, and grace can do to a person and a community. I encourage you to watch the character Josephine (Lena Olin), watch how she transforms throughout the movie. She is a picture of grace.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think?

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  1. November 7, 2008 11:06 pm

    Good review! I liked how the film paints a picture of the contrast between law and grace. Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

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