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My ride today

December 1, 2008

So today I went on a ride. My rides haven’t been so good lately. I think the last 4 rides prior to today I have lost a tire. 4 rides – 4 flats. What the crap? 

Well I went to the bike shop yesterday after breaking 3 tire tools! 3!!!!! The bike shop guy set me up and taught me a thing or 2. 

So today I was excited about gettin’ in a good 10 – 12 miles. I was about 2 miles into the ride and I had a moment. I was riding by the canal in between Greenfield and Higley by the Riparian. The sky was crystal clear. There was a mild chill in the air. The San Tan Mountains were off in the distance. The sun was beginning to set. The birds were singing beautifully. 

I thought to myself “All is well in the world”, but before I could even finish that thought I quickly thought of the oppressed people in our world and of the horrible suffering of some. Then my thoughts were going back and forth: what a beautiful creation, why are we not doing more about helping the oppressed. 

It was right then, during that thought, that I felt my front tire begin to wobble. Yep, 5 for 5. Another flat. Right as all was right with the world. Bummer.levers_flat

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