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My top ten Places to eat out

December 5, 2008

10.  The Keg – great steak, but expensive

9. Brio – great Italian food – good date place

8. Texas Roadhouse – anywhere you can throw food on the floor, get a good steak, and a cold beer is good for me

7. P.F. Changs – yummy

6. Buffalo Wild Wings – wings and T.V.’s

5. Oregano’s – Great food, good pizza, BIG drinks

4. K.C.’s Sushi Bar – favorite sushi place, get the signature roll

3. Pub n Grub – Coldest beer in AZ , and a great burger

2. El Zocalo – Great Mexican food, and the best patio in AZ


1. BJ’s Brewhouse – All of their food is good, Great drarfts, and the only place that can claim they have the PIZOOKIE ( sorry Oregano’s,        you legally can’t call it pizookie, only BJ’s can)

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  1. December 5, 2008 4:30 pm

    nice list. being away from AZ has made me long for some of my favorite places. so here is a forlorn Canadians list to the best places to eat in AZ.

    10. In-N-Out – Double Double Animal Style

    9. Pizza Bianco – I think it is worth the 5 hour wait

    8. Buffalo Wild Wings – so many wings, so many sauces

    7. Rock ‘n Roll Chicken Fingers – buff style w/ fries and texas toast

    6. Abuelo’s – MI ABUELO’S MANJAR

    5. Si Senors – chorizo egg burritto then walk over to Starbucks next door

    4. Sonic – for the limeade and and berry fruit slush

    3. Wildflower Bread Company – iced tea and Taylor Ham & Egg Sandwich

    2. Chipotle – burrito bowl…oh how I miss you

    1. Pita Jungle – Glazed-Chicken Lavosh Pizza. Simple the best!

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