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I’ve been thinking…

December 20, 2008

This whole job search thing has really made me question what I am looking for in a job.  Do I want to work a job for money? Happiness? Purpose? Necessity? What is it that will be the driving force in me taking a new job? 

It brings a burning question to my mind. What is really important? Often I think that we are driven by desires that may not be from God. So I am hoping that wherever I end up will be a place that I have been led to by God. 

Tonight I cancelled our cable service. It’s a weird thing to think that we are going to be without cable and DVR. In the big picture of is it really a big deal? Will I miss out on something? Or… I will now have more time on my hands! Time with my wife, friends, and God. I like the sound of that. 

We may have to cancel some other luxuries that we have, but what will I be missing?

I guess I am just thinking a lot about what is important to me. If having some cool things and stuff is, then that will affect what kind of job I take. If purpose and meaning is important, then that will also change the my decision making process. 

I hope to make a good decision.


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