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technically not working…

January 29, 2009

So technically I have a week off, totally and completely off. Yesterday I spent the morning reading at Starbucks, then I went and played ping-pong with my Old Man and my Bro. I know what your thinking… and yes… I beat them both. Badly. Then Liz and I took my parents to dinner for their 30th wedding anniversary (it was actually in Nov., but my mom couldn’t taste yummy food with her chemo treatments). Then I came home hung out with my wife. I loved yesterday. 

So today… I had coffee with Joel, which is always a treat. After coffee I jumped back into A.J. Jacobs book, which I love. After reading for a while I decided to jump back onto the bike and head home. But… Nick called me in the middle of my ride, so we met up at my house and I we went to a gourmet lunch (del taco). After our lunch we went to Barnes & Noble. Nick worked and I read, and wandered, and read, and browsed, and read, and loved every minute of it. Then I was dropped off at home. 

After such a great morning, I started to feel a little guilty. So I packed up the cable box (tear) and drove off to the UPS store. I also picked up a converter box (we are those people with a converter box!!!). Then I was a regular house husband and cleaned up around the house. Dishes? Done! Dusting? Done! Planting a Lime tree? Done! 

To top it off.. I got to go on a bike ride with my wife. I love this not working business. 

Is anyone willing to pay me to continue this? I will also clean your house and be a house husband for you too! Any takers????

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  1. January 29, 2009 11:28 pm

    Come on by, I’ll leave the vacuum and the surface cleaner by the door. I only pay in high-fives though. 🙂

    Thanks for coffee yesterday, it was great to catch up with you.

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