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5-6 camp recap

June 27, 2009

This past week I was up in beautiful Prescott, AZ with our 5th and 6th graders for summer camp. Anytime I get out of town for a week with students I am always guaranteed a few things, most good, some not so good, but overall a great time. So Here are a few things that are worth mention

1. Camp Band – I always enjoy a good band. This year the band was amazing! They played to their audience to a T! I underestimated the ability of 5th and 6th graders to worship God. The band makes a huge difference at camp, and this year we got lucky.

2. The imagination of kids! – So the camp was also for 3rd & 4th graders. We had a few activities together as a big group of kids. I am quick to forget the crazy imagination of kids. On one of the mornings I was walking by a group of kids that were playing some game that had to do with saving the world. Here are some quotes that I heard come from these warriors: ” Hurry up, the enemy is trying to take the fort in to thier possession.”, ” Retreat, Retreat, the bad guys are coming, everyone back to the base!!”, ” my gun is broken, someone help me before they capture me”. I am jealous, I want to be in that place again.

3. Silent Football – If you haven’t played this game, then you haven’t lived! We laughed so hard. (pee your pants hard). Some highlights are these phrases: painted butt-hole (pardon the use of the word – it was referring to a baboon), flamboyant bracelet necklace, cube-in-chest, sweet like bear meat, and velma, thelma, and luis. The game was amazing. Spencer had to drink some water out of a didgeridoo (an Australian type of instrument), but the catch is that the didgeridoo had been used by well over 100 people prior to spencer drinking out of it. (when you use it you basically spit in it, so he had to swallow a lot of spit in his water)

4. Dodgeball – we played for 3 hours straight on Wednesday, and my whole right side is still sore. My boys were amazing in this game, they were studs.

5. Snipe Hunting – Unfortunately we did not catch any, but we sure tried. We were out in the woods yelling for those stubborn snipes to come out, but not luck. I had the privilege of taking out 3 adults too, which is always fun making them hunt some snipes. My boys were asking for peanut butter for 3 days, convinced that it would be what we needed to finally catch one of those furry rascals.

6. Water Day –  Always a good time.

7. Little Sally Walker – it’s a game that young girls play, but I was recruited to join in. So I did, then… my boys did too, then… the whole camp was obsessed. Funny watching boys play little Sally Walker.

Camp was good. The camp itself was a wreck. They were so understaffed that we were helping serve meals and cleaning our own bathrooms. Their were some other down spots, but despite all of that… God still worked in the lives of students and leaders alike. It was a great week.

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  1. June 27, 2009 9:36 pm

    sounds like a blast! can’t wait to hang out with you and the junior high crew at camp in a couple weeks.

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