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Africa Update

August 30, 2010

I am not a big fan of shots. In the last 15 years I can remember getting 2, maybe 3 shots. Needless to say the shots that are required to travel to Africa are daunting for me. I had to pump myself up. When I walk into the Dr. office, I am a little nervous, ok A LOT nervous. I am read the list of shots I need… I decide to get 3 out of the 6. Then the nurse tells me about how my friend Fallon got all 6 shots last week. Great… a girl got all 6, and here I am scared to do it. Because I struggle with pride, and not wanting to be called a sissy, I change my mind and go with ALL 6.

Honestly… It wasn’t that bad. One of the shots was a little warm and stingy, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The whole concept of actually going to Africa became very real to me though. On the way home I had a ton of new thoughts running through my head. I am going a long way from home, a place that is more primitive than anything I have ever experienced. A place where there are bugs the size of my feet (again, this is a hard thing for me to deal with). Instantly I got excited. I can’t wait to go.

Here is the current situation. I am only half way to my total. I have just under $1500 collected so far. I still have a ways to go. I actually need $500 more by Wed. for my plane ticket. So that part is getting really close. Right now the whole team is short, which is of some concern, but we trust that God will provide in this situation.

I am praying for you… the reader. I don’t just want your cash. You see, I have the amazing opportunity to go on this trip. Not everyone has this opportunity, and fewer have the opportunity at this time.

So I am inviting you to give… to participate through my going… to be a part of this trip.

If you would like to give, you can send a check made out to Mission Community Church. Don’t put my name on the check, but write a note saying that the money is for “Josh Barton’s October Africa Trip”. This way you can still get a tax credit. Send it to 4450 E. Elliot Rd. Gilbert AZ 85234. (Mission Community Church).

Or go online here

Again, thank you for joining in this journey. I am excited, nervous, and I am filled with anticipation to learn.

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