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Somebody Cares

November 10, 2010

I have heard a lot about Chikudzulire, Somebody Cares, Malawi, and feeding orphans over the past 2 years at my church, MISSION. We talk about it pretty regularly. We have 2 main initiatives that much of our time and resources go to, Vision Africa and Vision Abolition. So I had expectations about what it would be like and what exactly was happening over there through the organization Somebody Cares. But I was surprised at how little I really understood about the organization and about what we were doing.

Let me begin by explaining who Somebody Cares is and what they do. Somebody Cares was started about a decade ago by Chief Theresa Malila. Chief Theresa began to walk through the villages outside of the city of Lilongwe doing prayer walks. She began by seeing the poverty, seeing the brokenness, seeing the spiritual void in the villages. She asked herself “Where is the church”. This is where Somebody Cares began. Theresa saw the need, saw the void, and did something about it. Somebody Cares goes into the villages and brings a message of hope, the message of Jesus. Through partnerships they are able to feed children, build schools and community centers, care for the sick, train the villagers basic skills, provide education, minister to widows, and change lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

All aspects of their ministry is so important, but there is one thing that they do that shook my world. They go into the villages and train some of the leaders in the village to be “Home Based Care” workers. HBC workers are all VOLUNTEERS. They go into the homes of the sick in their village, not some other village, but their village, and they sit with the sick. They pray with them. They encourage them through God’s word. They bring them food. They do chores around the house. They encourage them and make sure they are taking their meds. They do this over a period of an hour or two, two times a week. And they have multiple people they see. This is a full-time job, but they do it as volunteers. I don’t know of a better example of being Jesus than these people.

Somebody Cares has built community centers in about 16 different villages. This is incredible. So incredible that when Somebody Cares was preparing to build the community center in Chikudzulire, the village that MISSION partners with, the government came to them and asked them why they were building it in the middle of nowhere and not in city. This community center would really only benefit the people in that village and the surrounding villages. It wasn’t going to get anyone elected, or do any good for a politician. This is why the government was confused. Somebody Cares really has the best interest of the villages, and the people that inhabit them in mind. These centers are the places that kids are fed and schooled. They provide shelter for the community.

The best part of Somebody Cares are the people. I love them. Edward is the youth guy for them. He is a passionate dude that loves Jesus and is leading the revolution among the youth there. Joe is the childrens pastor, and this dude is full of energy. He can dance too. Trust me, I had a dance off with him, and it wasn’t pretty for me. Mary and Fatimata were with us the most, they are incredible women. I miss them. Ramsey is a pastor in his village, but also is a community coordinator for Somebody Cares. These are my new friends that I miss already. They give so much of themselves, and it is all in an attempt to break and loosen the chains of poverty and oppression for the people of Malawi.

This organization is on the front lines of fighting the nasty cycle of poverty. I would love to expand more on what they do if you are interested.


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