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Beautiful Disruptions

October 2, 2011

I want to preface by saying that this is not an original thought of mine, but I am sure I have heard it before from someone, somewhere.

Tonight I just got home from a great weekend at the National Youth Workers Convention in San Diego. I love that conference. There are so many brilliant minds and a ton of people that LOVE students there. I love that I can surround myself with people that love students. Anyways, back to the point of this post.

I came home tonight from a long weekend away from home. I missed my wife and kid like crazy, and when I say crazy, I mean it. I really missed them.

Five minuetes after I got home my son woke up, crying, and obviously not very happy. So, I had a beautiful disruption. A disruption is something that is not planned, not on the schedule, and typically an annoying sort of interruption into our lives. I did not plan on seeing or holding my son tonight. I knew he would be long asleep when I arrived home around 9p (2 hours after his bedtime). But here I am, five minutes into my arrival, going upstairs to hold my son and comfort him. This is the beautiful disruption that I longed for after a week away from home.

It happened twice tonight. He woke up, allowed me to hold him, and then he fell asleep on my chest. I could tell there was some sort of comfort that I was home, there was an unspoken peace about me holding him. It was the BEAUTIFUL.

That got me thinking… when else do I have beautiful disruptions? When else do things unplanned happen, and do I ever take a second to step back and try and see the beauty in that situation? I can tell you that I probably miss a bunch of beautiful disruptions.  I am more concerned with the tasks at hand or my own desires at that moment. How about when someone just needs someone to talk to? They need human interaction, a real person to comfort them, listen to them, acknowledge them. Am I there for that, or am I too preoccupied?

How many times do I let little things with very little significant value get in the way of significant things? Like relationships with people?

How about you? When do you miss the beautiful disruptions?

Tonight I had the chance to sit with my son. I held him, cuddled him, and prayed for him. I got to pull him close and I am sure that in that moment he knew that daddy loved him. It was the best disruption, you could call it beautiful.


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