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My Family

March 30, 2012

Well… 3 1/2 months into having a legit family and I still have yet to blog about it or share much about what life has been like. I say a “legit” because for some reason I feel like it you have 2 kids you all of the sudden become a real family. 

So Micah James joined us on December 16, 2012. He is a little stud that is seriously as cute as they come (what parent doesn’t say that?). 2 kids can be tricky. I am not quite sure why anyone would have more than 2. We went from double teaming Ethan to man to man. Man to man can be real tiring. 

So let me tell you about my boys. Ethan is doing so good as a big brother. I love watching him be a brother to Micah. Anytime Micah is crying Ethan informs us “Baby crying”. Then he says something like “It’s ok Micah, no cry”. It pretty much melts your heart every time. Ethan is going through this phase where he is wearing my hats, ALL THE TIME. If you see Ethan, there is a really good chance that you will see him wearing one of my hats. He even wears them to day care. Anyways, he was wearing one yesterday morning while drinking his milk in my bed. I hear him start to giggle, then a full on laugh. I turned around and asked him what was funny. He said “look at Micah”, so I take a look and Ethan had put his (my) hat on Micah and he thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. Stuff like that is priceless. 

Every night Ethan and I have a routine that we do before it’s time for “nite-nites”. We change him, get his pj’s on, brush our teeth, get all the animals in bed, then my favorite! Right before he goes to sleep the last thing we do is what I call “kisses, noses, cuddles, and hugs”. We go through each of those and make sure that we get good cuddles in, a good hug, eskimo kisses, and a kiss goodnight. It’s my FAVORITE! Ethan refuses to pray at night, which is funny in it’s own right. He fro some reason thinks it is no good. “No pray, no pray, no pray!!!” Kid doesn’t like to pray at night. 

Micah is still just an infant, so there really isn’t a ton happening in his world. He smiles now, laughs a little, spits up a lot, and cries a good amount. I think he is gonna look a little more like me than Ethan. He has some lighter hair than E, and maybe some big blue eyes. We are trying to teach Ethan that he has a built in best friend. Micah was given to us so that E could have a best friend and so he could protect his little brother. It’s exciting to think about the future with our boys and how our family will function. 

Liz has been great with the boys. She was made to be a mom. She is so good at doing that. She went back to work this week and survived the week. I actually think it is better for her to work then come home and be with the boys. I could be wrong, but she seems to function better when she has had some time away from the boys. (I don’t mean that I think she needs to be at work because I want her doing that, don’t get me in trouble)

Anyways… I am loving this stage of life. I love my boys. I love my wife. It is a good time. 


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  1. Glenda Gill permalink
    March 30, 2012 11:49 am

    Josh, This was such a delightful treat to read this account of your stage of life. You have such a wonderful family. Enjoy!

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