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January 1, 2014
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Another end to one year, and a new beginning of another. Each year I find myself reflecting on the past year. I typically find myself both thankful and a bit disappointed in myself. I am generally my harshest critic. So I will find things that I wish I had done different, things I didn’t do, and things that I just plain failed at. This is my typical cycle that I go through. This year, I want to be keenly aware of God’s Spirit and celebrate all the good that God is up to.

As I was thinking and reflecting today, I was thinking about this next year and what is in store for me, my family, and what I want to see happen. Here are some thoughts (some call them resolutions) for 2014.

1. Presence. I want to be fully present when I am with my family, my friends, and with anyone that I may come in contact with. Sounds easy… but it tends to be so much more difficult than it seems. I want to have great conversations with people. Not good ones…but great ones. Great conversation happens only when you’re fully present. This idea leads into the second thing I want for 2014

2. Technology. I love technology. I think the advances we have in technology are pretty amazing. But, there is this little thing that seems to be changing our culture, and not always for the good. It’s called the SMARTPHONE. My goal this year is to not allow the smartphone to be a life line for me. I don’t want my boys growing up thinking that having a tiny little screen in front of your face for hours upon hours is “normal”. Liz and I are working hard to put down the phone when we get home. I want my boys to know how to interact with people. Face to face. I want to use technology and social media to my advantage, not my detriment.

3. Health. Well… what list for a new year would be complete without this on it? It is fitting for me this year… I happen to be at the heaviest (lbs.) that I have been. This is not good. I really want to change my mindset. It is just hard. I wish it were easy, but changing my whole outlook on food is tough. I want to begin to view food as fuel… not something that is just there for my pleasure. Liz and I have dabbled a few times with eating vegan. We really want to implement that diet into ours regularly. I also want to run more. Bike more. Play basketball more. And just lose some of my gut.

4. Learn. I hope I never lose my desire to learn. Learning is such an integral part of life. I just have to be intentional about it. I want to read more books. I have been getting back into reading as of late, and I LOVE it. I also want to expand my learning to so many other areas of life… I recently bought 4 books that were all very different. I like that I have different genres to pick from. It helps expand my understanding of the world, people, and myself.

5. Fun. I just wanna learn to enjoy life. Enjoy the little things of life. I want to teach my boys that having fun is an important part of life. I hope our house is filled with laughs this year. Dads just wanna have fun… or something like that.

These are some things that I want to do this year. I hope that I can show some discipline and try some hard things to help me do these things. I want to be open to what God has in store for me and my family. I hope I can love Him more, and love others well too.

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